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Wolfforth Farmers Market offers a year-round indoor/outdoor shopping venue for our customers in a convenient, semi-rural location on our family farm. We strive to have high quality, locally-grown seasonal produce, locally-raised meats and eggs, and other farm-based products available for our customers to purchase, supporting our local growers and producers. We also have a wonderful group of vendors that sell their baked goods, handmade items, and some ready-to-eat foods from local food trucks. In colder months, we strive to offer those fresh items that our local growers and producers are still able to provide, along with even more quality baked goods and crafts, especially during the holidays. We are pleased to share that we are a WIC voucher distributor, we accept WIC vouchers and SNAP benefits, and we participate in the Double Up Food Bucks program! To read more about this program, please check out the information at the Double Up Texas website.

We strive to offer our customers a friendly, high-quality venue to purchase locally-grown and locally-produced foods and crafts.
- Conveniently located for residents of Wolfforth and residents of West and Southwest Lubbock County.
- Buy "Fresh from the Farm" seasonal produce, eggs, meats, and other farm-based products
- Support local growers and producers
- A friendly, more personal shopping experience in a rural setting
- Live music on many market days
- Promotional opportunities, such as door prizes and giveaways from time to time
- Food Trucks on all market days in our Food Court with covered picnic tables
- Weekly email, Facebook, and website updates with participating vendors and products available each week
- Go Texan members
- Texas Department of Agriculture Certified Farmers Market
- Now accepting the Lone Star Card
- WIC Voucher Distributors
- Double Up Food Bucks participating market
We always strive to offer fresh produce, meats, and eggs, grown or raised by local growers and producers, to residents of our area in our convenient location.  At the present time, many residents in our area must drive several miles to Lubbock to purchase similar items in larger format grocery stores, and our market now helps to meet this need in our area.  We offer an Indoor Market with climate control and a year-round outdoor venue, Vendor Village, for our vendors to sell their products. Vendor Village offers both permanent retail spaces housed in small barns and non-permanent tent spaces,  allowing each vendor the ability to sell their items directly to the public in a manner that they feel works best for their own products.  The Indoor Market accepts debit and credit cards on all market days, and many outdoor vendors also accept these cards at their individual booths. 
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In addition to fresh farm products, we also offer local certified cottage bakers and crafters the opportunity to sell their items at our market year-round.  We are pleased to offer their high-quality items for sale to enhance the market experience for our customers, and some of these vendors also take special orders, including large orders, throughout the year, especially during the holidays.  At the present time, our bakers usually offer a variety of baked goods for many diets, including Gluten-free, Vegan, and Keto-friendly items, along with traditional baked items to provide more options to customers that may have specific dietary needs.
To receive our weekly email update with our full vendor list just prior to that week's market day, simply sign up in the box at the bottom of our "Home" page.
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