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  Here is a list of confirmed vendors for this Saturday, December 2, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. We will have over 140 local vendors who sell Christmas snacks, gifts, and decor, pasture-raised meats, locally grown produce, farm fresh eggs, homemade baked goods, pet products, locally roasted coffee, cotton and wildflower honey, canned goods, handcrafted gifts and décor, boutique clothing and jewelry, local wine, food/drink vendors located throughout the market, a farm animal area, free wagon rentals, bubble machines, food trucks, and much more. We are a pet and family friendly farmers market located just half a mile west of Frenship High School off of west 82nd Street.​

South Vendor Village - Vendor Barns

Market Office - Market Information

  Located in South Vendor Village 

Community Blessing Bags - Inside Market Office

  Free Bag of Non-Perishable Food

Grandma Nettie's Pickled Vegetables - Vendor Barn #1

  Homemade Pickled Vegetables - Over 20 Flavors

Grandma Nettie's Pickles - Vendor Barn #2
  Homemade Pickles - 12 Flavors

Toast - Vendor Barn #3
  Jams, Jellies, Fruit Butters, and All Natural Peanut Butter

Grammy's Jewelry Box - Vendor Barn #4

  Holiday Earrings, Key Chains, Handcrafted Spiders, and More

The Lavender Farm - Vendor Barn #5

  Lavender and Lavender Products

E3 Farm - Vendor Barn #6
  Locally Grown Produce, Herbs, Mushrooms, Mushroom Extracts, and More

E3 Farm - Vendor Barn #7

  Local Wildflower Honey, Infused Oils and Vinegars, and More

Litton Farms - Vendor Barn #8

  Freeze Dried Candy - Peach Rings, Jolly Ranchers, Bit-O-Honey, Skittles, Big Hunk, and More

Litton Farms - Vendor Barn #8

  Handmade in Ecuador - Alpaca Fur Rugs, Hats, Gloves, and Stuffed Animals

West Texas Soap Co. - Vendor Barn #9

  Handcrafted All Natural Soap and Bath & Body Products

El Molino Tortillas - Vendor Barn #10

  Tamales, Salsa, Tostada Chips, Queso, and More

Pet Wants Lubbock - Vendor Barn #12

  All Natural Pet Products - Fresh Pet Food, Treats, Supplies, and More  

The Suburban Pet - Vendor Barn #13

  Pet Products - Pet Beds, Collars, Leashes, Bandanas, and More

English Newsom Cellars - Vendor Barn #14

  Local Wine - Sold by the Bottle or Glass

Munchie's Bakery - Vendor Barn #15

  Cinnamon Rolls, Breads, Pies, and More

Carribean Flavor - Vendor Barn #16

  Authentic Caribbean Food - Breakfast, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Rice with Peas, Plantains, and More

Lonestar Connoisseur - Vendor Barn #17

  Cheese, Beef Jerky, Specialty Sodas, and More

Peikert Farms - Vendor Barn #18

  Locally Grown Produce, Baked Goods, and More

Milena's Bakery - Vendor Barn #19

  Gourmet Pastries - Lemon Tarts, Chocolate Mousse, Cannoli, and More

Tierras Planas Roasters - Vendor Barn #20

  Locally Roasted Coffee (Ground or Whole Bean), Hot and Cold Coffee Drinks, and More

Frutas Lokas - Vendor Barn #21

  Street Tacos, Pozole, Fruit Cups, Rice Drinks, Mangonada, Corn in a Cup, and More

The 4D - Vendor Barn #22

  Knives and More

The Candy Cart - Vendor Barn #23

  Cotton Candy - Many Flavors

Dean's Creations - Vendor Barn #24
  Handcrafted Home Décor, Antiques, and More

Patterson Ranch - Vendor Barn #25

  All Natural Grass-Fed Beef

South Vendor Village - Tent Vendors

Texas Country Produce - Space #1

  Fresh Produce, Pecans, Local Honey, and More

Taste of the Tropics - Space #2

  Fresh Tropical Produce

S&P Farms - Space #3

  Farm Fresh Eggs

Jaded Jadery - Space #4

  Baked Goods - Sweet Breads, Cookies, and More

The Snack Shack - Space #5 (Vendor Barn)

  Fried Pickles, Fried Vegetables, Footlong Corn Dogs, Chicken Strips, Fries, and More

Indigo Vaeh Designs - Space #6

  Pens, Cups, Key Chains, Crock Charms, Gifts, and More

Sew HomeSpun - Space #7

  Handcrafted Gifts and Decor

The Sapphire Daisies - Space #8

  Handcrafted Women's Head Wraps

Overman Farms - Space #15

  Show Quality Live Bunnies 

West Vendor Village - Vendor Barns

Orange Blossom Boutique - Vendor Barn #1

  Boutique Clothing, Accessories, and More

K-Food by J&V - Vendor Barn #2

  Korean Food, Kimchi, Crochet Crafts, and More

Puppy's Corner - Vendor Barn #3

  Pet Products - Clothing, Accessories, and More

Inspectors Choice BBQ Sauce - Vendor Barn #5

  BBQ Sauce - Raging Raspberry, Apricot, and Original

Chuco's Burritos - Vendor Barn #6

  Breakfast and Lunch Burritos

Pen's & Needles - Vendor Barn #7

  Handcrafted Pens, Woodwork, and More

Spicy Flower Salsa Shop - Vendor Barn #8

  Salsa and Tostada Chips

LuluBug Designs - Vendor Barn #9

  Custom Clay Earrings and More

Fairground Lemonade - Vendor Barn #10

  Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Limemade, and More

Mano Negra Beer Garden - Vendor Barn #11

  Craft Beer, Sangria, and Mixed Drinks 

Hub City Craft Sodas - Vendor Barn #11

  Craft Sodas - Many Flavors

Carlito's Way - Vendor Barn #12

  Authentic Puerto Rican Food

The Kettle Corn Guy - Vendor Barn #13

  Pork Rinds, Kettle Corn, Popcorn, Bubble Tea, Lemonade, Italian Ice, and More

Bready or Knot - Under Wood Cover

  Mini Pancakes with Toppings - Made On-Site

Mama Licha's Salsa - Space #14

  Salsa - Many Flavors

M-Thrift - Space #15

  Vintage and Antique Gifts and Decor

Luciana's Freshies - Space #16

  Custom Car Freshies

The Photo Box - Space #17

  Photo Booth - Photos Edited and Printed On-Site

Chicken Farm Handcrafted - Space #18

  Handcrafted Gifts and Decor

Cielito Lindo - Space #19

  Mexican Clothing, Decor, Clay Mugs, Purses, and More

La Catrina - Space #20

  Candy Apples and Homemade Marshmallows

Donna Gila Aguas Frescas - Space #21

  Authentic Aguas Frescas, Horchata, Pina Colada, Mexican Corn, and More

Dynamite Donuts - Space #22

  Mini Donuts with Toppings - Made On-Site

TD's Brew & BBQ - Trailer

  BBQ Sauces and Seasonings

North Vendor Village - Vendor Barns

FlatCity Farms Flowers - Vendor Barn #0

  Fresh Flowers, Gifts, and Decor

Sweet Pup Co. - Vendor Barn #2

  Custom Made Pet Products - Bandanas, Leashes, Collars, and More

Desert Drip - Vendor Barn #2

  Custom Made Jewelry and More

1901 Bison - Vendor Barn #3

  All Natural Bison Meat - Cuts

Mick's Custom Woodwork - Vendor Barn #4

  Handcrafted Woodwork, Gifts, and Decor

Little Sprig Farm - Vendor Barn #5

  Fresh Seasonal Produce, Goats Milk Soap, and More

Joy Waguu - Vendor Barn #6

  Beautiful Handcrafted Colombian Tote Bags, Key Chains, and Bracelets

JA Knives - Vendor Barn #7

  Handcrafted Knives

Addington Buffalo Co. - Vendor Barn #8

  All Natural Ground Bison Meat

The Bleu Buffalo - Vendor Barn #8

  Women and Children's Boutique Clothing and Accessories

J&A Crafts - Vendor Barn #10

  Handcrafted and Hand Painted Wood Puzzles

Rockin' Tumbleweed Candle Co. - Vendor Barn #11

  Handcrafted Candles, Wax Melts, and More

Doodlebug Gifts - Vendor Barn #12

  Handcrafted Gifts and Decor 

Bohem's Goodies - Vendor Barn #13

  Baked Goods, Lollipops, Fudge, and More

Yellow House Lane - Vendor Barn #14

  Handcrafted Coasters, Bottle Openers, and More

B Maria's Homemade - Vendor Barn #15

  Flat Breads, Baklava, Sarma, and More

Sugarland Premium Beef - Vendor Barn #16

  Akaushi Japanese Beef (Wagyu) - Steak, Fajita, Ground, Roast, and More

Barn to Table - Vendor Barn #17

  Seasonal Produce, Canned Goods, Breads, Freeze Dried Foods, and More

Jacob's Ladder - Space #19

  Flatbreads, Jams, and More

Tagle's Tangy Lemonade - Space #20

  Lemonade, Ocean Water, and More

Little Bun Bakery - Space #22

  Pretzel Bites and Baked Goods

North Vendor Village - Tent Vendors - Facing East

CinnaMounain Rolls - Space #1

  Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and Flavored Rolls

AC Leatherwork - Space #2

  Custom Leatherwork and Knives

BW Designs - Space #3

  Custom and Re-Purposed Jewelry, Flannels, and More

The Tamale Lady - Space #4

  Gourmet Tamales - Many Flavors

DudegraphX - Space #5

  Custom Apparel and Artwork

Sassy Salsa - Space #6

  Salsa - Traditional, Pickle Salsa, and More

Early Fruit Hemp Co. - Space #7

  Organic CBD Products and More

Sugar Rush Sweets - Space #8

  Macarons and More

Christy's Secret Treasures - Space #9

  Tumblers, Mugs, and More

Ari' Mae Scrunchies - Space #10

  Custom Scrunchies

Desert Bloom Bakery Space #11

  Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Baked Goods

Rockin' AL Western - Space #12

  Western Clothing and Accessories

5P Metal Design's - Space #13

  Custom Metal Gifts and Decor

Rockin' A Home Goods - Space #14

  Sourdough Breads, Sourdough Starter, and More

KDG'S Trading - Space #15

  Re-Purposed Gifts and Decor 

KDG'S Trading - Space #16

  Re-Purposed Gifts and Decor 

Sunny Daze Freshies - Space #18

  Custom Made Car Freshies

Luna Azul Cakery - Space #19

  Cakes, Pies, Cake Pops, and More

Pure Energy - Space #21

  Information Booth - Solar Energy

The 3 Chunky Cows - Space #22

  Tea Towels, Earrings, and More

North Vendor Village - Tent Vendors - Facing West

Texas Country Produce

  Fresh Produce, Local Cotton Honey, Pecans, and Pecan Pralines

Texas Country Produce - Space #0

  Peaches, Fresh Produce, Pecans, Local Honey, and More

Let Them Eat Cake - Space #1

  Baked Goods

The Inflated Balloon - Space #2

  Gift Balloon Baskets

Lee Elmer's - Space #3

  Custom Leatherwork, Leather Patch Hats, and More

Miss Furs Baked Goods - Space #4

  Baked Goods and Sweet Breads

Knitted & Known - Space #6

  Handcrafted Gifts and Decor

Hub City Coin Works - Space #8

  Custom Coin Rings - Made On-Site

DSR Custom Designs Space #9

  Embroidered Christmas Ornaments, Stocking Stuffers, and More

DSR Custom Designs Space #10

  Embroidered Christmas Ornaments, Stocking Stuffers, and More

Trooper Seasoning - Space #11

  Family Recipe Gourmet All Purpose Seasoning 

The Icing on the Cookie - Space #12

  Paint Your Own Cookies, Cheesecake Cookies, and More

BW Designs - Space #13

  Hand Painted Custom Woodwork - Gifts and Decor

Mandersmith Farms - Space #14

  Spice Rubs and Pepper Sauces

Texas Lux Vintage - Space #15

  Boutique Clothing and Accessories

D'Lisa's Gluten-Free - Space #16

  Gluten-Free and Keto Baked Goods

This Bath is the Bomb - Space #17

  Bath Bombs, Bath Fizzy Powder, and More

Savor by Karla Rica - Space #18

  Loaf Breads, Croissants, and More

Jazzy Jars - Space #19

  Spices and Seasonings

North Vendor Village - Food Court 

Angel Star - Food Truck

  Filipino Food, BBQ, Breakfast Burritos, and More

Dos Hermanas - Food Truck

  Street Tacos, Mexican Corn, and More

Java Jett - Food Truck

  Coffee Drinks, Smoothies, Iced Tea, Baked Goods, and More

Lemon Love LBK - Food Truck

  Lemonades - Many Flavors

Llano Cubano - Food Truck

  Cuban Sandwiches and More

Roll'N Bros - Food Truck

   Brisket, Burgers, Fries, and More

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