Here is a list of confirmed vendors for this Saturday, May 1, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. We will have 112 local small businesses selling their products in our open-air Outdoor Market and Food Court. There will be a great selection of pasture-raised meats, fresh eggs, local produce, homemade baked goods, vegetable plants, handcrafted items, live music, food/drink vendors located throughout the market, a farm animal area, food trucks, face painting, and more.

South Vendor Village - Vendor Barns

Above the Empire 

  Live Music by Tyler Hardy

The Kettle Corn Guy - Big Barn

  Flavored and Plain Pork Rinds, Kettle Corn, Flavored Popcorn, and Italian Ice

Hub City Craft Sodas - Old Indoor Market

  Craft Sodas

Grandma Nettie's Pickled Vegetables - Vendor Barn #1

  Homemade Pickled Vegetables - Over 20 Flavors

Grandma Nettie's Pickles - Vendor Barn #2
  Homemade Pickles - 6 Flavors

Toast - Vendor Barn #3
  Jams, Jellies, and Fruit Butters

Savory Treats - Vendor Barn #4

 Turkish Baked Goods and Baklava

Desert Bloom Bakery - Vendor Barn #5

  Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Baked Goods

 E3 Farm - Vendor Barn #6
  Fresh Produce, Mushrooms, Herbs, Flavored Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars, and Local Honey

Tierras Planas Roasters - Vendor Barn #7
  Locally Roasted Coffee, Teas, Chai, and Espresso Bar 

Litton Farms - Vendor Barn #8

  Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables, Seasonings, Soap, and More

Saylor's Sweet Shop - Vendor Barn #9

El Molino Tortillas - Vendor Barn #10

  Tamales (Mild and Spicy), Tostada Chips, Salsa, Queso, and More

Alcove Farms - Vendor Barn #11
  Eggs, Whole Pasture Raised Chicken, and Chicken Cuts

Bom Brazil - Vendor Barn #12

  Acai Bowls - Choose Your Own Toppings

High Adventure Sweets - Vendor Barn #12

  Sweet Breads - Banana Nut, Banana, Apple Nut, Apple, and More

Treats & Trinkets - Vendor Barn #13

  Mason Jar Baking Mixes and Pet Products

Green Acres Microgreens - Vendor Barn #14

  Live Microgreens

Munchie's Bakery - Vendor Barn #15

  Homemade Bread, Pies, Cinnamon Rolls, and More

Moore Cajun Smokehouse - Vendor Barn #16

  Cajun Food - Gumbo, Jambalaya, and More

Miss Kate's Place - Vendor Barn #16

  Gourmet International Sweets

Ruby Ranch Pecans - Vendor Barn #16

  Flavored and Raw Pecans

Church House Wine - Vendor Barn #17

  Local Wine - Glass or Bottle

7X Southern Grace Boutique - Vendor Barn #18

  Baby and Children's Boutique

Vengee's Pantry - Vendor Barn #19

  Dried Fruits & Vegetables and Soup Mixes (Many Flavors)

Created by Sara Jean - Vendor Barn #20

  Handcrafted Gifts and Décor

Simply Swarts - Vendor Barn #20

  Jelly Air Fresheners

The Scone Shop - Vendor Barn #21

  Gourmet Scones

FABcorn - Vendor Barn #21

  Flavored Puffed Corn (No Kernels or Hulls)

Holly's Confections - Vendor Barn #22

  Homemade Marshmallows and Oatmeal Cream Pies

Artisan Imports - Vendor Barn #23

  Mexican Blankets, Ponchos, Talavera Planters, Chimeneas, and More

Chicken Pickens - Vendor Barn #24

  Antiques and Collectibles 

Dean's Creations - Vendor Barn #24
  Handcrafted Home Décor

Patterson Ranch - Vendor Barn #25

  All Natural Grass-Fed and Pasture Raised Beef

Panhandle Honey - Vendor Barn #25

  Local All Natural Honey

South Vendor Village - Tent Vendors

Padron's Gourmet Farming - Space #1

  Vegetable Plants and Seedlings

Soap Momma - Space #2

  Bath and Body Products

Georgia Nectar Honey - Space #3

  Raw Honey, Honey Comb, and More

Big Bass Candy - Space #4

  Handcrafted Fishing Lures

Pappy's Snack Shack - Barn 5

  Coming Soon - Fried Pickles, Milkshakes, and More

Short Trip Farm - Space #6

  Goat Milk Soap, Cactus and Yellow Rose Jellies, Vegetable Seeds, Seedlings, Texas Local T-Shirts

Hub City Coin Works - Space #7

  Coin Rings - Made Onsite

Green Craft Lubbock - Space #8

  Succulents, Plants, and More

You are Loved - Space #9

  Handcrafted Sugar Scrubs

North Vendor Village - Vendor Barns

West Texas Beard Co. - Vendor Barn #1

  Beard and Mustache Products, Solid Colognes, Soaps, and More

Pecan Ridge - Vendor Barn #2

  Flavored Pecans, Salsa, BBQ Sauce, and Canned Goods

Raider West Farms - Vendor Barn #3

  Lavender Lemonade Mix, Lavender Brownie Mix, Essential Oils, Specialty Blends, Artisan Candles and Soaps

Mick's Custom Woodworks - Vendor Barn #4

  Custom Woodwork

Gabriella Art - Vendor Barn #4

  Local Artist - Art Prints

West Texas Italian Eats - Vendor Barn #5

  Dried Pasta (Over 25 Delicious Flavors), Frozen Pasta, and Pasta Sauces

Frutas Locas - Vendor Barn #6

  Fruit Cups, Rice Drinks, and Corn in a Cup

Chiloso's - Vendor Barn #7

  Rim Paste and Mexican Candy - Sweet, Spicy, and Sour

Dudis & Co. - Vendor Barn #7

  Children's Hairbows

Cate K Jewelry - Vendor Barn #8

  Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry

The Coburn Collective - Vendor Barn #8

  Handcrafted Cutting Boards, Wax Melts, Leather Trays, and More

This is THE Waffle - Vendor Barn #9

  Authentic Liege Waffles, Breakfast Plates, Breakfast Sandwiches, and Waffles with Toppings

DSR Custom Designs - Vendor Barn #9

  Locally Made Unique Embroidery Items

Pucker Perfect - Vendor Barn #10

 Jams, Salsas, Smoked Spices, and More

Pet Wants Lubbock - Vendor Barn #11

  Pet Food, Pet Treats, Beef Jerky, and SPAW Products

YaYa's Place - Vendor Barn #12

  Fried Catfish, Gourmet Salads, and Sides

Quail Melody - Vendor Barn #13

  Russian and Traditional Baked Goods

Citadel Crafts - Vendor Barn #14

 Handcrafted Woodwork

Diamond C Meat Co. - Vendor Barn #15

  Pasture Raised Pork, Lamb, and Beef

Bingham Family Vineyards - Vendor Barn #16

  Sangria, Wine by the Glass or Bottle, and Locally Grown CBD Products

Wicks Not Included - Vendor Barn #17

  Warmers, Wax, Big Light Bulbs, and More

North Vendor Village - Tent Vendors - Facing East

Scott's Gourmet Salsa - Space #0

  Roasted Salsa and Hot Sauce

AC Leatherwork - Space #1

  Handcrafted Leatherwork

BubbleKakes & Body Treats - Space #2

  Handcrafted Soap and Bath Products

BW Designs - Space #3

  Handcrafted and Re-Purposed Jewelry

Flour+Sugar - Space #4

  Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls and Flavored Rolls

Sweet Pup Treats by Bernai - Space #5

  Dog Treats, Handcrafted Collars and Leashes, and More

Reimer Farms - Space #6

  Certified Organic Vegetable Plants and Herb Starters

Early Fruit Hemp Co. - Space #7

  CBD Products

Pepper's Homemade Goods Y'all - Space #8

  Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Phoenix Gardens - Space #9

  Butter Lettuce, Romaine Lettuce, Bok Choy, Swiss Chard, Basil, and More

Willow Dearest - Space #9

  Handcrafted Earrings, Children's Bows, Hair Barrettes, and More

The Tamale Lady - Space #10

  Gourmet Tamales - Assorted Flavors

Big Foot's Wood Craft - Space #11

  Handcrafted Rubberband Guns, Bird Houses, Washers, and More

Flat City Farms Flowers - Space #12

  Flower Bouquets

Best Little Bakery - Space #13

  Baked Goods - Brownie Bites, Sweet Bread Bites, Gourmet Cookie Bites, and More

Knotty Oak Creations - Space #13

  Handcrafted Woodwork

Smith Iron & Design - Space #14

  Handcrafted Ironwork 

North Vendor Village - Tent Vendors - Facing West

Texas Country Produce - Space #0

  Fresh Produce, Blueberries, Strawberries, and More

Texas Country Produce - Space #1

  Cotton Blossom Honey, Black Eyed Peas, and Pecans

Toasted Tarts - Space #2

  Tarts and Shortbreads

Lee Elmer's - Space #3

  Handcrafted Leatherwork

Copeland's Confections - Space #4

  Vegan Bakery - Some Items also Gluten-Free 

Farmer Matt's Food Co. - Space #5

  Fermented Food, Spices, and More

Art for All Animals - Space #6

  Hand Painted Animal Art - Proceeds Benefit Endangered Species 

Gravel & Hyde - Space #7

  Handcrafted Leather Air Fresheners

LoneStar Connoisseur - Space #8

  Ostrich Burgers, Exotic Jerky, Vegan Jerky, Exotic Sausage, Gourmet Popcorn, and More

Grain Free Snack Boss - Space #9

  Grain Free Baking Mixes

Icing on the Cookie - Space #10

  Decorated Sugar Cookies

Trooper Seasoning - Space #11

  Family Recipe All Purpose Seasoning 

Victory Combat Sports - Space #12

  Information Booth

Shop Fashion Cove - Space #13

  Boutique Clothing and Accessories

Rockin' R Famous Cheese Rolls - Space #14

  Steak House Cheese Rolls and Fruit Kolaches

West Vendor Village - South Side of Food Court

Candle Freak by Abby - Space #1

  Handcrafted Candles and Wax Melts

Candace Johnson Photography - Space #1


Texas High Plains Lavender - Space #2

  Locally Grown Lavender Products

Happy Bear Meadery - Space #2

  Mead Wine (Honey Wine)

Plain Jane's - Space #3

  Fried Pie's - Many Flavors

GrumpyLemon Propagations - Space #4

  Succulents, Air Plants, Pothos, and Plant Starts

The Spicy Flower Salsa Shop - Space #5

  Chips & Salsa

Miear's Sweets - Space #6

  Gourmet Cookies

G&J Wraps - Space #7

  Sausage Wraps, Sausage on a Stick, Drinks, and Chips

Dynamite Donuts - Space #8

  Delicious Mini Donuts - Made Onsite

Bavarian Bierocks - Space #9

  Bierock Sandwiches

Fairground Lemonade - Vendor Building

  Hand Squeezed Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade

Food Court - Food Trucks & Food/Drink Vendors - North Vendor Village

Angel Star - Food Truck

  Tex-Mex, Filipino, BBQ, Brisket Stuffed Jalapenos

Outlaw Egg Rolls - Food Truck

  Egg Rolls (Many Different Choices)

Anderson's Grill - Food Truck

  Hawaiian Burger, Texas Tacos, Hamburgers, and More

Maglio's - Food Truck

  Meatball Grinder, Italian Sausage Grinder, Chicken Cheesesteak, and More

The Traveling Dog - Hot Dog Stand

  Hot Dogs, Chips, Drinks

D'Dee the Face Painter

  Beautiful Face Painting